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Boy Meets Girl

Directed by: Michal Bat-Adam
90 Minutes, 1983

10-year-old Aya, the only daughter of two doctors from Tel Aviv who are leaving on a trip to help Thai refugees, is placed in a kibutz where she must deal with the challenges of living with dozens of other children in a dormitory-style setting, four children per room, and placed without regard to gender.


Director: Michal Bat-Adam

Producer: Avi Kleinberger

Producer: Gidion Amir

Cast: Gabi Eldor

Cast: Ilan Dar

Cast: Shai Golan

Cast: Gill Dontchevzky

Cast: Ayala Fiszel

Cast: Erella Ashkenazi

Cast: Andrea Sade

Cast: Dina Limon

Cast: Assaf Zur

Cast: Osnat Farago

Cast: Eyal Fox

Cast: Boaz Rekiewicz

Cast: Amalya Dayan

Cast: Barhash

Screenwriter: Michal Bat-Adam

Music: Nurit Hirsch

Cinematography: Nurit Aviv

Editing: Hagit Hanin

Editing: Lena Kadish

Sound: Eli Yarkoni