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A Beautiful Valley

Directed by: Hadar Friedlich
86 Minutes, 2011, Drama

Hanna Mendelssohn, an eighty-year-old widow, is a proud member of the kibbutz she helped found. She believes strongly in the values of social equality and cooperation upon which the kibbutz was created. Her world disintegrates as the privatization of the kibbutz forces her into retirement, and after years of devotion and hard work, she finds herself useless. In addition, she has to watch the kibbutz turn into a community in which everyone is concerned for his or her own wellbeing. She strives to continue to live her life as she used to, but reality slaps her in the face over and over again. When all her hopes are diminished, she realizes that friendship still exists in the kibbutz and though things will never be the same, something new can flourish.


Director: Hadar Friedlich

Producer: Eilon Ratzkovsky

Producer: Yael Fogiel

Producer: Yossi Uzrad

Producer: Guy Jacoel

Producer: Yochanan Kredo

Producer: Laetitia Gonzalez

Editor: Hadar Friedlich

Editor: Nelly Quettier