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Directed by: Ron Ninio
92 Minutes, 1995

Life behind the scenes in the Israeli theater is not all its cracked up to be, as seen in this episodic psychological drama that chronicles the disillusionment of idealistic young actors who come to the stage after graduating from school.


Director: Ron Ninio

Producer: Riki Shelach Nessimoff

Producer: David Tour

Cast: Ayala Asherov

Cast: Tali Atzmon

Cast: Orly Ben-Garti

Cast: Yael Hadar

Cast: Rami Hueberger

Cast: Yoav Hite

Cast: Anne Petit-Lagrange

Cast: Shmuel Segal

Cast: Aki Avni

Original Music: Shmulik Neufeld

Cinematographer: Avi Mussel

Film Editor: Noam Weissman