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Directed by: Oshri Hayun, Hila Cohen
48 Minutes, 2010, Documentary

Aisha, 96, drags a pail around to help her walk. In her ripe old age, she virtually walks to the old chicken coop in her yard “on all fours”. Booba the “adolescent” goat, is a substitute for Aisha’s deceased beloved husband and for her 11 children who rarely visit. As years go by, the animals provide Aisha the only reason to live. On the backdrop of the spectacular landscapes of Yavniel, Aisha lives on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in her heart, refusing to uproot the tradition of her childhood landscape as opposed to her children who grew up to be “Israelis”.


Directors: Oshri Hayun, Hila Cohen

Producer: Oshri Hayun

Producer: Hila Cohen

Cinematographer: Oshri Hayun

Original music: Eli Ohana

Original music: Amos Itach