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Across the Line

Directed by: Nadav Shlomo Giladi
29 Minutes, 2017

Hananel, a young religious Jew, is hurrying home for Shabbat. An unexpected encounter with Mundir, an unwanted and stubborn Palestinian hitchhiker, leads Hananel on a series of mix-ups that eventually teach him a lesson in communication, friendship, and love.


Director: Nadav Shlomo Giladi

Producer: Saar Yogev

Producer: Naomi Levari

Writer: Zuriel Melchior

Cinematographer: Giora Bejach

Editor: Tal Keller

Sound designer: Shahaf Wagshall


WINNER Audience Award War on Screen Festival

WINNER Gold Busho Budapest Short Int'l Film Festival

WINNER Jury Award for Best Short Film Stonybrook Film Festival


“Across the Line” benefits from fine performances from its two leads and Giora Bejach’s pristine lensing for the film. Ronnie Reshef also contributes lively, energetic original music for the film that is perfectly suited to the film’s witty dialogue and physical comedy.”

Richard Propes, "The Independent Critic"