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3000 Nights

Directed by: Mai Masri
103 Minutes, 2015, Drama; Fiction

Layal, newly married and pregnant, finds herself in an Israeli prison, convicted as an accessory to a terrorist bombing after doing a good deed for a stranger. The warden and guards foster suspicion and mistrust, and stoke the bitter enmity between Palestinian and Israeli prisoners. The birth of Layal’s child brings rare joy, but hasten the day when she must choose between family and solidarity with the cause of freedom. Director Masri recreates the politics and tensions of the Palestinian struggle in this microcosm while demonstrating the unique challenges facing Palestinian women living under occupation.


Director: Mai Masri

Cast: Maisa Abd Elhadi

Cast: Nadira Omran

Cast: Rakeen Saad


Winner of Annonay International Festival of First Films Audience Reward

Winner of Carthage Film Festival Best Feature Film

Winner of TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards Jury Award

Winner of Valladolid International Film Festival Audience Award