18 Kilometers

Twenty four hours in the lives of eleven people living in Sderot and Gaza, whose fates are bound together by one day in 2007.


13 year-old Ismayil searches for a new life for him and his younger brother outside the Arab drug slums of the city of Lod. When a traumatized Israeli ex-soldier comes to the neighborhood looking for drugs in escape of his own reality, an unusual opportunity arises.


Ron is in love with Tamar, but for him to make the first move means overcoming barriers unfamiliar to most people.

4 Kilometers

Somewhere between the 1947 traditional Bedouin desert-life of southern Israel and the 2007 modern city life of Beer-Sheba, just 4 Kilometers off the highway, lives a small Bedouin community. 15 year old Hulud has a dream; she is cracking the barrier set on that highway. With her young brother and sister she goes on a journey that will enable her to let go of the life she once wished for.

Coffee – Between Reality and Imagination

Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers embarked on a journey to create short films, fiction or documentary, inspired by Coffee, which takes part in Middle East cultural identity and social reality. Coffee creates a connection between different people, no matter who they are. Each film gives a personal and courageous point of view on the reality in which we live in. The project was created and produced by The Film Department of Tel Aviv University.

Atonement Day

On the eve of Yom Kippur, a young girl carelessly injures an elderly man on the street while riding her bicycle. This short film documents her struggle to atone for this event. 


Segal’s life of confined existence is about to change when an unforeseen opportunity knocks.

Persian Lullaby

Dafna, the 40-year old single mother of a newborn boy, arrives at her parents’ home a few days before her baby’s circumcision. Her father, an elderly Persian Jew, finds it difficult to accept the new situation.