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4 Kilometers

Directed by: Miri Shapiro
22 Minutes, 2008, Drama

Somewhere between the 1947 traditional Bedouin desert-life of southern Israel and the 2007 modern city life of Beer-Sheba, just 4 Kilometers off the highway, lives a small Bedouin community. 15 year old Hulud has a dream; she is cracking the barrier set on that highway. With her young brother and sister she goes on a journey that will enable her to let go of the life she once wished for.


Director: Miri Shapiro

Producer: Rajita Shah

Cast: Dima Taya

Cast: Abdalla Aqel

Cast: Estabrak Aqel

Cast: Sirat Fakhory

Cast: Asmaa Shrawla

Cast: Eva Khuri

Cast: Adam Rabia

Writer: Miri Shapiro

Cinematographer: Paul Robinson

Editor: Vanat Sermpol

Art director: Romi Aboulafia