Shades of Light

Laila keeps her talent and aspiration a secret from Ziad, her traditional, hard-working husband. But one day, her secret unravels, threatening their relationship.

A Different Love Song

Short dramatic film. Cinematic adaptation of “A Different Love song” by Yehuda Amichai.

Coffee – Between Reality and Imagination

Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers embarked on a journey to create short films, fiction or documentary, inspired by Coffee, which takes part in Middle East cultural identity and social reality. Coffee creates a connection between different people, no matter who they are. Each film gives a personal and courageous point of view on the reality in which we live in. The project was created and produced by The Film Department of Tel Aviv University.

180 Degrees to Jerusalem

Everything is going great for the director: he inherited the benefits of a generation of New York Jews who turned their backs on their religious pasts and re-defined themselves in America. But when his ex-patriate Israeli hustler pal Shimon walks into the trendy Kabbalah Center in Beverly Hills one day and walks out newly-religious – with a one-way ticket to a yeshiva in Jerusalem in hand – the director’s world is turned upside down.

Following Shimon to Israel, he moves through different spiritual and religious communities investigating and wondering if everyone – not just Shimon and Madonna – has lost his mind.

Almost Normal

Shai was born exactly ten years after the death of Itzhak, the first husband of his mother. Itzhak is not Shai’s father; he never even met him. Nevertheless, every year, instead of celebrating his birthday, Shai has to go to the cemetery with his family and celebrate Itzhak’s death . This year, Shai is going to turn 12 and he decided it will be different. He will do everything the can to feel, for once, normal.

Wherever You Go

Two women’s lives intertwine: one is on her way to see her estranged Jewish Orthodox family; the other is on the run from her Bedouin family who is forcing her into a life without choice. Together, they stand up against their predetermined destinies

10 Weitzman Street

A short film that portrays a Russian family arriving in Israel, looking for their new house as the sirens signaling a missile attack go off. Since they do not speak the language, and do not know what the sirens mean, the family tries to find safety with an Israeli family, but have trouble communicating.

Bus Station

Two women, Arab and Jew meet at a bus stop in Jerusalem after a trip to the market. When their bags of tomatoes get confused they begin to understand the similarities and differences of their worlds.

What About Me?

A man and his donkey are separated at a checkpoint; the man doesn’t have the right to pass through. Funnily enough, the donkey does.