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Directed by: Eran Riklis
110 Minutes, 2012, Drama; Fiction

In 1982, amid the Lebanese Civil War, Israeli pilot Yoni (Stephen Dorff) is shot down over Beirut and is taken prisoner by inhabitants of a Palestinian refugee camp. Among the captors is ten-year-old Fahed, whose father obsessively tends to his prized, but sickly olive tree, refusing to replant it until they return to their ancestral land. Despite his deep-rooted hatred for Yoni, Fahed realizes he can use him to get past the border and into “Palestine” to plant his father’s olive tree. The two embark on a harrowing and dangerous journey – one that tests the very boundaries of humanity. Zaytoun is a story of survival, reconciliation and friendship.


Director: Eran Riklis

Producer: Fred Ritzenberg

Producer: Gareth Unwin

Writer: Nadar Rizq

Cast: Stephen Dorff

Cast: Abdallah El Akal