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Yiddish Aroma

Directed by: Leonid Horovitz
58 Minutes, 2004

To some, Yiddish is a dead culture, but an increasing number of people feel strongly that the richness of its heritage is something to be preserved and passed down to future generations. The film presents these dilemmas on the rehearsal stage of the Yiddish Spiel Theater, where the performances themselves, filmed in Europe and Israel, allow audiences to identify with the stories and the emotions of this once vibrant culture. The film deals with Yiddish culture in its various aspects, from the Jewish kitchen to the most profound literature. The longing for this vanishing culture is expressed by a young Israeli student and an old woman from the Ukraine who remembers a Yiddish song that she heard as a child from her mother. Another way to preserve the language is shown by a youth band, who sings Yiddish to rock rhythms. The film swings between sadness and joy, tears and laughter, just like Yiddish songs.


Director: Leonid Horovitz