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Women in Sink

Directed by: Iris Zaki
36 Minutes, 2015, Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

At “Fifi’s,” a small hair salon located in the heart of Haifa’s Arab community, director Iris Zaki installs a mini film set over the washing basin. While she shampoos their hair, Zaki speaks candidly with the salon’s Arab and Jewish clients, discussing their views on politics, history, and love. Within the space of this hair salon, the women of the neighborhood achieve a temporary freedom, examining their differences and friendships within a community that many consider a model of Israeli coexistence. What emerges from these conversations is an honest and nuanced portrait of contemporary Israel.

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Director: Iris Zaki

Producer: Iris Zaki

Writer: Iris Zaki

Cinematographer: Iris Zaki

Editor: Iris Zaki

Editor: Tal Cicurel