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Directed by: Yoram Gal
88 Minutes, 2000

Wild is a horny, anarchistic 17 year old genius. He lives in a small town with his grandmother. He finds himself head over heels with the queen of his class, Renanit, but is too shy and self conscious to approach her. Like Candide and Don Quixote did, he sets out on a soul searching journey: to conquer the world and screw – to become a man. His imminent military service puts Wild on a deadline so he works to maximize his experiences in the short time available. His overflowing hormones lead him to bizarre encounters with dubious characters of all walks of life. He ultimately accomplishes his goals: loses his virginity, learns to overcome his fears, and movesfrom “masturbating to ****ing reality.”


Director: Yoram Gal

Producer: Nili Dotan

Cast: Omer Barnea

Cast: Dor Peles

Cast: Adi Ezroni

Screenwrit: Yoram Gal

Director of Photography: Eitan Riklis

Make up Artist: Sigalit Grao

Costume Designer: Laura Sheim

Sound Man: Ricardo Levy

Production Designer: Zehavit Carmel

Original Music: Shalom Weinstein