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Who is the Father

Directed by: Eli Kaner

Olga, a beautiful pregnant woman, sits down in Danny Lev’s car and orders him to urgently take her to the maternity ward. After the birth of her baby girl, Danny is wrongfully registered as the baby’s father.From that moment on, Danny’s wife, his children, colleagues, lawyers and the police make his life misrable. Danny decides to undergo a DNA test in order to prove that he is not the baby’s father.The DNA test is amazing in its results….Danny is naturally sterile! in that case, who is the father of his children?


Director: Eli Kaner

Producer: Eli Kaner

Cast: Gal Dubi

Cast: Niza Shaul

Cast: Maria Ovnov

Cast: Dan Livach

Cast: Alon Balot

Cast: Shanchaf Segal

Cast: Julian Shadran

Focus Puller: Ardon Bar Chama

Costume Designer: Fifi Veron

Soundman: Danny Matalon

Casting Director: Ruduca Alkalay

Director of Photography: Uri Sharon

Editor: Dani Shik

Gaffer: Shimon Belfer

Makeup Artist: France Hayman