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90 Minutes, 2008

The script deals with growing up in a real world. The hero- Misha, an 18-year-old immigrant, who arrived from Russia to Israel without his parents, is forced to become responsible for his deeds in a too short period. Basic events – which occur to every teenager and define what’s important – which usually happen during a few years, happen to him in a few months’ time.


Producer: Uri Sabag

Cast: Anton Ostrovski-klin

Cast: Arthur Marchenko

Cast: Yaara Paltzig

Cast: Helena Kushnir

Cast: Dan Swartzman

Cast: Lana Sachanova

Cast: Kai Korlenikov

Cast: Anya Bukstein

Cast: Danny Shwartz

Production manager: Liron Cohen

Production Designer: Albert Segal

Editor: Uri Alon