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Voices from the Heartland: Slaves of the Lord

Directed by: Hadar Friedlich
50 Minutes, 2002

In a Jewish Orthodox village in Israel, Tamar, a twelve-year-old girl, prepares for her Bat-Mitzvah which will take place on Passover. She is convinced that she is impure and becomes obsessed with cleaning herself. To make matters worse, her only friend, Rachel, lures her into sinful mischief: peeping into the Mikveh, turning a light on during the Sabbath, and daring to secretly bathe at the Mikveh when Tamar gets her first period. Will Tamar succumb to her fears? A dark and unflinching portrayal of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the inner turmoil of an adolescent girl.


Director: Hadar Friedlich

Producer: Moshe Danon

Producer: Eilon Ratzkovsky

Cast: Maya Eshet

Writer: Hadar Friedlich

Original Music: Shem-Tov Levy

Cinematography: Talia Gal'On

Film Editing: Yosef Grunfeld

Production Design: Raya Brokental

Production Design: Maya Zak

Sound: Meir Alfassi

Sound: Daniel Shitrit

Sound: Issahar Vishnia