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Voices from the Heartland: Haya Nehedar (It Was Great)

Directed by: Sivan Arbel
52 Minutes, 2002

The Barnea family goes for a three day family vacation to Slovakia. At least 15 years have passed since their last excursion and the three daughters, aged 26 to 32, have mixed feelings about the plan. Tami, the eldest, is happy to get out for vacation; Aya, the middle daughter, imagines the worst possible; and Shiri, the youngest, thinks it is a crazy idea. At the picturesque hotel they share a single corridor, with rather thin wallpapered walls, and for the first time in years are forced to deal with the problems and tensions that are repressed in everyday life. The hero of the film is the Israeli “everything’s OK” family, forced to face the gap between its self-image and reality.


Director: Sivan Arbel

Producer: Sivan Arbel

Producer: Assaf Harel

Writer: Sivan Arbel

Writer: Assaf Harel