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Variations for Piano for Six Hands

Directed by: Eitan Evgeny Melamed
40 Minutes, 2009

After 5 years of absence, Misha Rabinovich, a Russian musician with a Polaroid camera at his neck and big expectations, surprises his wife and little boy at the stairs of their apartment. Unfortunately, the encounter doesn’t go as planned – the boy recognizes Misha as his uncle and Anna, his wife, advises him to look for a hotel at the seashore. Thus begins Misha’s 5 day vacation in Israel in which he uses his best tricks in order to become part of the family once again (Russian, 40 min).


Director: Eitan Evgeny Melamed

Producer: Moran Peled

Cast: Michaerl Lerner

Cast: Asia Naifeld

Cast: Andrei Sverdlo

Cinematographer: Alexei Kuchinsky