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Underground Man

Directed by: Shlomit Carmeli
62 Minutes, 2010

“Which is better? Cheap happiness or sublime suffering?” (Dostoyevsky) Asher Tsarfati, actor-director, total artist, founder of the fringe theater in Israel, a prominent figure on the outskirts of the established theater, decides to direct his non-actor friend, Hezi Ben-Meir, to help him become an actor. The film is a tracing of Tsarfati and his daily interactions with the actors from the beginning of rehearsals until the unexpected end. The film portrays an artist and his tumultuous, tragic and funny life, through which the backyard of culture in Tel Aviv is exposed as well as the making of Fringe Theater in Israel.


Director: Shlomit Carmeli

Producer: Shlomit Carmeli