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Under Western Eyes

Directed by: Joseph Pitchadze

The tragic- comic adventure of Gary Razomov a young architect living in Berlin, totally disconnected from his past. A sudden announcement of his father’s death brings him back to Israel. Upon arrival he finds out he’s been lied to. His father,a former scientist, is not dead but escaped from prison, where he’d been sentenced for espionage for the the USSR. He meets a young woman named Tom and together they are dragged into a search after the father. During the journey Gary is forced to confront his traumatic past.


Director: Joseph Pitchadze

Producer: Baruch Dubi

Producer: Joseph Pitchadze

Cast: Giora Asaulov

Cast: Fitcho Ben-Zur

Cast: Carmel Betto

Cast: Pavel Citronal

Cast: Amnon Fisher

Cast: Liat Glick

Director of Photography: Shai Goldman