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Under the Dommim Tree

Directed by: Eli Cohen
102 Minutes, 1994

Based on Gila Almagor’s autobiographical book, Under the Dommim Tree follows a group of teenagers who survived the Holocaust in a boarding school in the the early 50’s. During the day they are like all other adolescents, but at night they struggle with their painful memories. The place where they feel secure is under the Dommim tree. A number of stories are woven in this powerful and agonizing story of this very special group of young people.


Director: Eli Cohen

Producer: Eyal Sher

Cast: Kaipu Cohen

Cast: Juliano Mer

Cast: Gila Almagor

Screenwriter: Eyal Sher

Director of Photography: David Gurfinkel

Editor: Dani Shik

Costume Designer: Rona Doron

Sound: Eli Yarkoni

Production Manager: Avner Peled

Gaffer: Rami Levy

1st Assistant Director : Dov Maoz

Key Grip: Itzik Ben Aroya

Make Up Artist: France Hayman

Editor: Danny Shick

Original music: Benny Nagari