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Two Legacies

Directed by: Einat Kapach
60 Minutes, 2009

Yosef and Bracha married when they were 12 in Sana`a, Yemen and lived together for close to 70 years. Yosef became absorbed in his books, while Bracha took care of the needy.

Before he dies, Rabbi Yosef Kapach hands his granddaughter Einat, director of the film, a bundle of pages which uncover a secret he has kept close to his heart his entire life- the secret of the theological war that split the Yemnite Jewish community.

The documents tell of his persecution as a young orphan by the Jews of Yemen, a persecution that continues until the day he dies in Israel.

Having read these words, Einat sets out on a journey to understand why he chose her to pass on the legacy and how he managed to turn his life around from such a lonely point to a world-famous Jewish philosopher.


Director: Einat Kapach

Producer: Moshe Alafi

Music: Karni Eldad

Cinematographer: Avigail Sperber

Cinematographer: Moshe Churi