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Two Heartbeats

Directed by: Shmuel Imberman
90 Minutes, 1972

Dan (Yuda Barkin), a college student, and his girlfriend, Hurit (Mona Silberstein), want to marry but face parental opposition.  For some time, Dan has raised some extra cash by acting as a sperm donor, which becomes pivotal when he must undergo an emergency vasectomy after surviving a plane crash. When he and Hurit do marry, they fight over his inability to have children. Dan pursues a pregnant woman whom he thinks may have received his sperm donation, and he begins to fall in love with her.


Director: Shmuel Imberman

Producer: Yair Pradelsky

Producer: Yisrael Ringel

Cast: Peter Frye

Cast: Yehuda Barkan

Cast: Lea Koenig

Composer: Misha Segal

Diector of Photography: Nissim 'Nitcho' Leon

Editor: Anna Gurit

Writer: Moshe Hadar