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Tuesdays at Five

Directed by: Zohar Behrendt
60 Minutes, 2009

Every Tuesday at five, Masha, Bentzie, Sivan, David, and Eleanor meet with the rest of the Wings theatre group to work and rehearse the play “Silver Spoon.” Following the process of working on the play the movie enables to get a glimpse into the group members’ relationships, the love affairs, the jealousies, and their doubts as actors, who, in addition to their qualities, are also mentally-challenged. Soon enough the boundaries between the play and reality become blurry, especially when real life becomes heavily influenced by the play.


Director: Zohar Behrendt

Producer: Zohar Behrendt

Writer: Zohar Behrendt

Cinematographer: Zohar Behrendt

Music Supervisor: Oded Zehavi

Editor: Zohar Behrendt