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Traffic Light

Directed by: Adir Miller, Ran Sarig

An Israeli sitcom created by the comedian Adir Miller. The show revolves around three friends in their mid-thirties living in Giv’atayim. Each of them is in a distinct relationship condition (symbolized by the three colors of a traffic light). Itzko is the “red light”: married with a 7 year old daughter. Amir is the “yellow light”: He lives with his girlfriend “Tali”. Hefer is the “green light”: He has no permanent partner.


Directors: Adir Miller, Ran Sarig

Cast: Lior Halfon

Cast: Adir Miller

Cast: Nir Levy

Cast: Yael Sharoni

Cast: Liat Harlev

Cast: Yuval Vin

Cast: Tchia Danon

Cast: Shira Katznlanbogen

Writer: Ran Sarig