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Time of Favor

Directed by: Joseph Cedar
102 Minutes, 2000, Drama; Romance

Menachem is a Yeshivah student and newly made commander of his own IDF unit. His dynamic right-wing spiritual leader, Rabbi Meltzer, whose West Bank Yeshivah Menachem attends, is the father of his love Michal. Although Menachem is a beloved student and commander, the rabbi has not chosen him to be the suitor for his daughter. Instead, the bone will be thrown to Pini, a brilliant Yeshivah student. But the rabbi’s daughter won’t allow herself to be some prize. And when she scorns Pini, Pini begins hatching his his own secret plot. Complicating matters are the Shin Bet’s caustic distrust of non-secular Israelis… and a nationalist plot that is brewing to blow up the Temple Mount.

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Director: Joseph Cedar

Producer: David Mandil

Producer: Eyal Shiray

Cast: Aki Avni

Cast: Tinkerbell (Ravit Rozen)

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Idan Alterman

Cast: Amnon Wolf

Cast: Micha Celektar

Written by: Joseph Cedar

Distributor: Blue Dolphin Film Distributions

Distributor: IsraeliFilms

Distributor: Kino International

Distributor: Mongrel Media