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Ticket to Jerusalem

Directed by: Rashid Masharawi
85 Minutes, 2002

A palestinian movie projectionist travels from camp to camp to show movies to the children. Movies are his life, he lives for cinema and it is always a drama when a projector fails or a new lamp is needed. One day he meets a school teacher who wants to arrange a show in Jerusalem, but Palestinians are not allowed to enter the city, let alone with cinema equipment. In the end he smuggles the equipment and the show takes place…


Director: Rashid Masharawi

Producer: Peter van Vogelpoel

Producer: Rashid Masharawi

Producer: Areen Omari

Cast: Gassan Abbas

Cast: Areen Omari

Cast: Reem Ilo

Writer: Rashid Masharawi

Sound: Hanna Abu Sada

Cinematographer: Baudoin Koenig

Editor: Jan Hendricks

Music: Samir Jubran

Editor: Nestor Sanz