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The Wanderer

Directed by: Avishay Sivan
90 Minutes, 2008

Drained and trodden by life, Isaac, a young twenty-year-old orthodox Jew who is surrounded by a dysfunctional family, a closed society and a disintegrating body – is desperately in search of deliverance. On his journey there, his best allies turn out to be his sharp inner voice and a pair of feet that lead him to wander relentlessly around the city outskirts. In a highly formalized and vivid portrait of his lonely world, Isaac is on a journey through synagogues, emergency rooms, empty roads at the raid of dawn and the conundrum of nocturnal creatures – all sharply scrutinized by an inner voice.


Director: Avishay Sivan

Producer: Keren Michael

Producer: Avishay Sivan

Producer: Redi Sivan

Producer: Shai Goldman

Cast: Omri Fuhrer

Cast: Ronit Peled

Cast: Ali Nassar

Production manager: Gil Sol

Production Designer: Yuval Yang

Director of Photography: Shai Goldman