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The Unwelcoming

Directed by: Robby Elmaliah
73 Minutes, 2014

In 2006 the Uzan family immigrates to Israel from Tunisia: The family arrives at a remote village in Southern Israel, a settlement founded during the ‘50s by fellow Tunisians. Against all expectations, the community which should have embraced the family proves to be a hostile environment, unwilling to accept the new Tunisian family into its circle. As a consequence, the Uzan family’s kids are turning against their parents and the family is under threat of losing all of its old values. The many obstacles the family faces leave them with two solutions: remaining in Israel and fighting for their home, or returning to their homeland in Tunisia.


Director: Robby Elmaliah

Producer: Ruthie Shatz

Producer: Adi Barash

Editor: Aliza Eskira

Original music: Avi Vaknin

Original music: Amit Pinhasy

Cinematographer: Ronen Kruk

Cinematographer: Robby Elmaliah