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The Smile of the Lamb

Directed by: Shimon Dotan
93 Minutes, 1985

Military governor Katzman tries to flush out fugitive PLO terrorists in a West Bank town. The lives of many including an arab hermit, a child, a member of the PLO, and the town doctor overlap in this hectic story about life in the West Bank under Israeli occupation.


Director: Shimon Dotan

Producer: Jonathan Aroch

Cast: Rami Danon

Cast: Makram Khoury

Cast: Dan Muggia

Cast: Iris Hoffman

Cast: Tuncel Kurtiz

Screenwriter: Anath Levi-Bar

Screenwriter: Shimon Riklin

Based on a book by: David Grossman

Cinematographer: Danny Schneuer

Editor: Netaya Anbar

Set Designer: Charles Leon

Costume Designer: Rona Doron