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The Skipper 3

Directed by: Ayelet Menahemi
83 Minutes, 1991

Chico and Ben are living with Galia and Efrat in Eilat. Sam, Ben’s step father, buys a land in order to build a large mall that would cause great damage to the families living in the area. Chico fights him all the way.


Director: Ayelet Menahemi

Producer: Yehuda Barkan

Producer: Udi Sofer

Cast: Yehuda Barkan

Cast: Ben Tzion

Cast: Irit Sheleg

Cast: Geula Nuni

Cast: Chelli Goldenberg

Original Music: Ady Cohen

Cinematographer: Amnon Zlayet

Film Editor: Ziva Postec

Art Director: Ariel Glazer