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The Patriot

Directed by: Daniel Sivan
74 Minutes, 2017

In recent years, anti-Semitism in France is on the rise. Tension is felt on the streets of Paris, but the real battlefield is online, were hatred has no limits or censorship. This reality gives birth to a new kind of vigilante: A militant-Zionist hacker by the name of “Ulcan”, who declares a one-man-war against the leaders of the anti-Semitic movement. The Patriot is dark tale of extremism and vengeance in the cyber age.


Director: Daniel Sivan

Producer: Zafrir Kochanovsky

Producer: Miri Ezra

Producer: Ina Fichman

Editor: Daniel Sivan

Writer: Daniel Sivan

Writer: Mor Loushy

Cinematographer: Ulcan

Cinematographer: Daniel Sivan

Editor: Mor Loushy

Editor: Yosef Grunfeld

Sound designer: Mimi Allard

Sound designer: Michel Gauvin