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The Milky Way

Directed by: Ali Nassar
103 Minutes, 1996

Set in 1964 in an unnamed village under Israeli military rule since 1948, a local half-wit Mabruq loses his parents during a period of forced exile while the object of his affections, Jamilah, has been mute since seeing her mother killed. Both people are examples of the type of casualty that emerges in the region. The Mukhtar, head of the local elder’s council, mediates between the interests of the village and the military governor who runs the region. When Iraeli authorities discover that work permits have been forged, the Mukhtar points the finger at an innocent but politically troublesome schoolteacher Ahmad. He’s subsequently beaten and taken to jail. However, Mabruq’s fanatic handyman Mahmmud is determined to find the real culprit.


Director: Ali Nassar

Producer: Ali Nassar

Producer: Mohammad Bakri

Producer: Gassan Abbas

Cast: Mohammad Bakri

Cast: Makram Khoury

Cast: Salim Daw

Original Music: Nachum Heiman

Editor: Tova Asher

Editor: Era Lapid

Art Director: Jaiossi Nimer

Gaffer: Raed Bashir

Electrician: Antaro Ofer Margolin