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The Legend of the Silent Man

Directed by: Doron Nesher

A modern day legend told by a nameless 10 years old, orphaned beggar girl who has latched onto another beggar named Shlomo. Shlomo claims that he is the Messiah’s watchmaker. The two find themselves in an abandoned house inhabited by a third beggar, Meir Loya, who has remained silent for 10 years. The stakes are raised when a winning lottery ticket falls into their hands. Meir wants to tear it apart, as it threatens to change their exile from society., but Shlomo and the girl keep it. Shlomo dissapears. Meir breaks his silence and takes responsibility over his life and the girl.


Director: Doron Nesher

Producer: Nili Nesher

Producer: Rubi Zack

Cast: Shmil Ben Ari

Cast: Israel Damidov

Cast: Eli Garbi

Cast: Yoram Schaffer

Cast: Alona Dagan

Cast: Meital Dohan

Cast: Yossi Wise

Cast: Maya Bar-Shlomo

Cast: Itzik Ben-Melech

Cast: Avi Ludbar

Cast: Uri Kabiri

Cast: Dorin Caspi

Cast: Tomer Joseph

Cast: Lenny Oren

Cast: Chanan Lederman

Cast: Danny Carpel

Cast: Tomer Sharon

Cast: Dina Duadi

Cast: David Tzanberg

Cast: Chaim Shrir

Cast: Miriam Meller

Cast: Alex Meller

Cast: Yossi Fishman

Cast: Ram Rytman

Cast: Danny Shwartz

Screenwriter: Doron Nesher

Costumer: Lenny Oren

Cinematographer: Beni Melyi

Key Grip: Noam Eisenberg

Sound Man: Maksim Segal