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The Last Resort

Directed by: Aner Preminger
95 Minutes, 1999

It is September 13, 1993 – the Oslo Accord has just been signed in DC, Rabin and Arafat shook hands. Enter Noam Wax, the former leader of the Nahal Settlement (the Israeli Army’s communal living experiment) who gathers his old friends together for one night. Noam feels betrayed by them since the group split up. They are all facing their own crises, related to unresolved issues from when they lived together in the spot they are meeting. Their night together turns into a critical analysis of the path that Israeli society has traveled in the 10 years between the Lebanon War and Oslo.


Director: Aner Preminger

Screenwriter: Anat Preminger

Screenwriter: Tali Zilberstein

Director of Photography: Itay Volman

Editor: Louise Asher

Production Designer: Yair Greenberg

Costume Designer: Yael Rubin

Sound Man: Tuli Chen

Music Score: Yossi Mar Haim