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The Last Chance

Directed by: Mooly Landesman
90 Minutes, 2005

This is the story of the human spirit’s journey from its very lowest point to the height of self and social -awareness. The journey takes place in the hard drug detoxification department – at the Tsalmon Prison.

The department includes Jews and Arabs who share a common fate; their relationships are totally detached from everything happening outside the prison walls. Dr. Talina Wincor is founder and director of the center. A woman within a world of men, she paves her way into the souls of her patients with a gentle touch and a firm hand.

Slowly but surely, the clichés and slogans fade away, exposing the core of the prisoners’ souls, and their choice emerges: to work on making a new life, or return to the cycle of crime and drugs.

In the framework of the treatment, two brothers meet. The younger is about to be released from the prison; the older one, who introduced his younger brother to heroin at age 14, remains in the department to deal with his past and his actions.