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The House on August Street

Directed by: Ayelet Bargur
63 Minutes, 2007

The House on August Street tells the remarkable, unknown story of Beate Berger, a German Jew who single-handedly rescued over 100 children during the Holocaust, smuggling them from Berlin to Palestine in the 1930s.

Berger, founder of the “Beith Ahawah” (House of Love) Children’s Home, was quick to recognize the Nazi threat and resolved to protect “her” 120 children who lived under her care in August street 14-16.

This is a film about memory, about hope and about a woman who understood reality around her like very few did at the time. But most of all it is a film about love which was the essence of “Beith Ahawah” on Auguststarße 14-16. The film incorporates testimonies, rare archive footage and monologues played by the German actress Naomi Kruass, filmed in the original “Beith Ahawah” on August Street, Berlin.


Director: Ayelet Bargur

Producer: Edna Kowarsky

Producer: Elinor Kowarsky

Writer: Noah Berman-Herzberg

Cinematographer: Shai Levy

Cinematographer: Dudu Ytzhaki

Original music: Jonathan Bar-Giora

Editor: Einat Glaser-Zarhin