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The Holy Gathering

Directed by: Naamit Mor Haim, Nimrod Shanit, Nahum Grinberg
60 Minutes, 2012

The Holy Gathering documents the fascinating journey of three men brought up completely secular on Kibbutzes and their search for a more spiritually fulfilling life. The world from which they came, the agricultural collective communities of Israeli Kibbutzim, created a void in these men. They sought out spirituality by exploring the Eastern methods, only to end up discovering the Jewish religion instead. Filmed over the course of six years, we see the ups and downs of these mens’ lives as they struggle to integrate religion into their way of life while being pulled by family and society to do the opposite.


Directors: Naamit Mor Haim, Nimrod Shanit, Nahum Grinberg

Producer: Nimrod Shanit

Producer: Naamit Mor Haim

Producer: Nimrod Shanit – Zed Films

Cinematographer: Refael Zukern

Editor: Yaniv Rize

Original music: Ricardo Roistercher

Cinematographer: Rafael Zukran