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The Gospel According to God

Directed by: Assi Dayan

A universal anti-religious satire which occours in the latter of 2001 and deals with the life of God and his son Jesus. While Jesus is trained and sent to bring redemption, God is desperately seeking for the meaning of his only incomprehensible creation – Love.


Director: Assi Dayan

Producer: Yoram Kislev

Producer: Haim Mecklberg

Producer: Yoram Globus

Cast: Golan Azulai

Cast: Yehuda Efroni

Cast: Tzufit Grant

Cast: Gil Kopatsch

Cast: Yoni Lahav

Cast: Dana Parnas

Cast: Tinkerbell

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Gila Almagor

Cinematographer: Ofer Inov

Costume Designer: Natan Elkanovich

Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Israel David

Sound Mixer: Oleg Kaiserman

Sound Effects Editor: Ronen Nagel

Dialogue Editor: John Purcell

Boom Operator: Oren Raviv

Gaffer: Shuki Paz

Video Assist Operator: Adva Shoua

Lighting Technician: Eli Turgeman

Production Assistant: Yaron Yarkoni

Writer: Assi Dayan

Production designer: Yoel Herzberg