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The Golden Pomegranate

Directed by: Dan Turgeman
102 Minutes, 2010

Mazal, a Jewish child-bride from Yemen, preserves her religion, culture, family, and unique art, amid the harsh, violent conditions of Jerusalem and the Holy Land during the late 19th and mid 20th centuries. A mother of two and a young widow, she supports her family through her skills as a jeweler. She survives the danger and violence of living in the Old City of Jerusalem. She heads a family of extraordinary, unforgettable characters, and grows old with strength and determination, remaining true to her traditions and ideals.

This stirring saga spans four generations of a family of Yemenite goldsmiths at the vortex of history in the Land of Israel. Their tragedies and triumphs, their sorrows and joys, and, most of all, the heroine’s profound love for the Holy City, create a vivid and lasting image of an ancient land rising from two millennia of slumber to an era of splendor. For the first time in a feature motion picture, the fabulous story of Israel’s rebirth is graphically portrayed through the extraordinary saga of a Yemenite family’s struggles to survive and thrive in Jerusalem from the late 19th century through the Israeli War of Independence.


Director: Dan Turgeman

Producer: Eviatar Dotan