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The Dress

Directed by: Judd Ne’eman
85 Minutes, 1970

Three short stories of life in Tel Aviv; A girl meets a boy in a library and has to decide what to do next; A young husband comes home to meet his wife’s boyfriend; A young clerk opens a letter and finds the photograph of an unknown young girl who he then tries to locate.


Director: Judd Ne’eman

Producer: Alex Massis

Producer: Judd Ne’eman

Producer: Zvi Spielmann

Producer: Yehezkel Shelah

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Liora Rivlin

Cast: Motti Barkan

Cast: Amir Orion

Cast: Gabi Eldor

Cast: Yair Rubin

Writer: Judd Ne'eman

Writer: Rahel Ne'eman

Writer: Orna Spector

Cinematographer: Yahin Hirsch

Editor: Nellie Gilad

Editor: Tova Biran