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The Decision Maker

Directed by: Danny Yagil
40 Minutes, 2010, Comedy

Gideon Harel, The Prime Minister of Israel, a cynical and experienced politician, arrives to take part in a TV election debate. The polls are not showing good results, there are no achievements to show for and even the health condition is not so great, after a media-covered hospitalization at the cardiological department. As it seems for now, Gideon Harel is about to leave the chair of the decision maker. The campaign crew assembles in a room to prepare the Prime Minister for the crucial debate. Gideon, takes a break from the preparations to wander about in the long corridors of the TV studio. This walk will lead him to the TV studio archive, where he will find a tape with a report, that summarizes his life and career, which is being prepared for broadcast in case he will pass on, god forbid. Watching the report will change the way Gideon Harel sees himself, his achievements and his life. It will remind him of forgotten things from the past and will lead him to make the decision to embark on a new road.  


Director: Danny Yagil

Producer: Ziv Even-Tzur

Cast: Oded Teomi

Cast: Gadi Yagil

Cast: Tamar Keynan

Cast: Dan Kizler

Cast: Amir Dolitzki

Cast: Alon Dahan

Cast: Etti Grotas

Cast: Yossi Kantz

Cast: Yonatan Bar-Or

Cast: Ohad Hol

Cast: Ran Yagil

Writer: Danny Yagil