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The Decent One

Directed by: Vanessa Lapa
94 Minutes, 2014

Through previously unrevealed private letters, photos and diaries, “The Decent One” grants a unique and at times uncomfortable access to the life and mind of the merciless “architect of the Final Solution” – Heinrich Himmler.


Director: Vanessa Lapa

Producer: Vanessa Lapa

Producer: Felix Breisach

Cast: Tobias Hochstein

Cast: Sophie Artus

Cast: Antonia Moretti

Cast: Lotte Ledi

Cast: Florentin Groll

Cast: Pauline Carbonnier

Cast: Lena Kadish

Writer: Vanessa Lapa

Writer: Ori Weisbrod

Cinematographer: Jeremy Portnoi

Editor: Noam Amit

Editor: Sharon Brook

Original music: Daniel Salomon

Original music: Jonathan Sheffer