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The Crucial Choices of N. Bezem

Directed by: Yehuda Yaniv
52 Minutes, 2011

Israeli artist and sculptor Naftali Bezem is widely regarded as one of the preeminent Jewish artists of the 20th century. Yet he has long rebuffed both personal and artistic exposure, and has never found it necessary to explain the symbolism in his work. In this film, directorproducer Yehuda Yaniv accompanies Bezem – who is now 87 – over 15 years, both in Israel and around the world. Yaniv offers a glimpse into the artist’s turbulent, sometimes tragic life, and introduces viewers to the art and beliefs of the enigmatic Bezem. This is a story of belonging and alienation; of creation and disappointment; of loss and illness; of uncompromising honesty and defiance against the art establishment; of fears and hopes. As with any encounter with a legendary artist, viewers are likely to walk away from this film with greater insight about themselves as well.


Director: Yehuda Yaniv

Producer: Yehuda Levi

Cast: Naftali Bezem

Cinematographer: Peter Sela

Editor: Amir Meirom