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The Birdman

Directed by: Daniel Mann
85 Minutes, 2013

Daniel (29), a young Israeli filmmaker, takes off to Los Angeles, trying to find a better future. Recently, he found a short strip of film made 50 years earlier by his grandfather in Hollywood. Leaving Tel Aviv, he takes with him this piece of film with a secret desire to locate the rest of the missing reel.  In Los Angeles, Daniel meets his American relatives and other locals, taking him closer to the stories of the past. Gradually, bits and pieces of his grandfather’s life story are revealed.  In the empty industrial streets of the city, fragments of the Golden Age of Hollywood are found like fossils.  From the small and shabby motel room, Daniel departs to his daily research.  After finishing his part-time job as a pool cleaner at a villa in Sunset Boulevard he retreats back to the room where he gathers together found strips of film, reconnecting his grandfather’s old film.  While re-cutting the old film and retracing the forgotten plot, he loses his own story-line and faces unforeseen obstacles. In fact, while losing himself in this quest, he not only comes closer to his deceased role-model (his grandfather), but he actually becomes him. Eventually he realizes that he must give up his dream of shooting in Los Angeles, and returns to Israel, only now he has the completed film with him –Both his grandfather’s (and his own!).


Director: Daniel Mann

Producer: Hilla Shitrit

Writer: Daniel Mann

Writer: Hilla Shitrit

Editor: Or Ben David

Cinematographer: Ziv Berkovich