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Directed by: Shlomi Elkabetz
80 Minutes, 2011, Drama; Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

An Israeli Army officer remembers… A Palestinian remembers as well. This film is a voyage into the collective memory; a voyage rooted in stories of daily life.

Palestinian testimonies collected after the second Intifada revealed a harsh reality that, for Israelis, had always belonged to “them”, to the “others” – the Palestinians. And then, a few years later, the previously taboo accounts of Israeli officers who served during the Intifada began to emerge.

Memories of violence, of suffering, of humiliation. Of course, these stories matched. Israeli and Palestinian want to tell their stories each from their own point of view, as victim or victor, without seeing or acknowledging the reality of the other. But they are a single narrative. While these tales of terrible injustice are performed by Israeli actors, Shlomi Elkabetz’s film connects and unites both sides.


Director: Shlomi Elkabetz

Producer: Shlomi Elkabetz

Writer: Shlomi Elkabetz

Writer: Ofer Ein Gal

Cinematographer: David Adika

Editor: Joelle Alexis

Original music: Dikla Barkai