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Tel Katzir 1993

Directed by: David Perlov
33 Minutes, 1993

In the narration that accompanies his film Tel Katzir, David Perlov calls it “a reportage” – a term almost unknown then, in Israel of the pre-TV era. “I wanted to look at native born Israelis without their symbolic and mythological attributes, which was not common at the time”, said Perlov, “I wanted to look at them with simplicity, in a straightforward manner, as they really were”. He chose kibbutz Tel Katzir, on the Northern border of Israel, whose members were from the Scouts movement, free of any particular party ideology. It took the raw curiosity of a newcomer, and a total absence of preconception, to reach this simple artistic insight.


Director: David Perlov

Cinematographer: Emil Knebel

Writer: Alon Bar

Writer: David Perlov