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Directed by: Raphaël Nadjari
96 Minutes, 2007, Drama

In contemporary Jerusalem, a small Jewish family leads an ordinary life until, after a car accident, the father mysteriously disappears. They all deal with his absence and the difficulties of everyday life as best they can. While the adults take refuge in silence or traditions, the two children, Menachem and David, seek their own way to find their father.


Director: Raphaël Nadjari

Producer: Frederic Bellaiche

Producer: Geoffrey Grison

Producer: Noah Harlan

Producer: David Nadjari

Producer: Itai Tamir

Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Cast: Michael Moshonov

Cast: Limor Goldstein

Cast: Shmuel Vilozni

Cast: Ilan Dar

Cast: Yoav Hait

Cast: Reut Lev

Written by: Raphaël Nadjari

Written by: Vincent Poymiro

Distributor: Films Distribution

Distributor: Transfax Film Productions Ltd

Distributor: Mec Film

Distributor: Barton Films

Distributor: Kino Lorber


Tokyo FILMeX:*Grand Prize

Cannes Film Festival

Chicago International Film Festival

Jerusalem Film Festival