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Sweet Mud

Directed by: Dror Shaul
90 Minutes, 2005

On a secluded Kibbutz in the desert, 12 year old Dvir realizes that his mother is mentally ill. Dvir navigates between the kibbutz’s absurd attempts to implement the idea of equality and the painful reality that his mother has been abandoned by their community. Dvir tries to save his mother until he is forced to make a chilling decision that will change his life forever.


Director: Dror Shaul

Producer: Philippa Kowarsky

Producer: Dror Shaul

Producer: Edgard Tenembaum

Producer: Sharon Shamir

Producer: Bettina Brokemper

Cast: Henri Garcin

Cast: Gal Zaid

Cast: Tomer Steinhof

Cast: Shai Avivi

Script: Dror Shaul

Photography: Sebastian Edschmid

Music: Tsoof Philosof