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Srugim – Season 2, Ep. 7

Directed by: Eliezer Shapiro
40 Minutes, 2010

Everyone’s looking for new work! Amir gets stuck with a field trip at school, but tries to support Yifat when she has a chance to do something other than Bar Mitzvah invitations. Hodaya looks for a new job while Assaf dreams of being a journalist.


Director: Eliezer Shapiro

Producer: Abut-Barkai Talisma Productions

Cast: Tali Sharon

Cast: Yael Sharoni

Cast: Sharon Fauster

Cast: Ohad Knoeler

Cast: Amos Tamam

Cast: Ori Halachmi

Written by: Laizy Shapiro

Written by: Hava Deevon

Written by: Ori Elon

Written by: Yael Rubinstein

Written by: Renanit Parshani

Distributor: Go2Films